"My daughter takes kids Jiu Jitsu and Fitness classes. I see her building friendships and confidence every time she is on the mat!"

Kids Programs

for all ages and fitness goals

Kids CrossFit & Fitness

Kids develop confidence & social skills in a friendly environment!

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Kids Jiu-Jitsu

Make your kid bully proof, instill confidence & discipline!

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Kids Muay Thai & Kick Boxing

Kids learn valuable goal setting lessons, sharpen their minds and get physically fit!

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Kids Mixed Martial Arts

Kids MMA increases kids endurance, strength, balance and so much more!

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† Programs vary by location. Please refer to individual academy schedules for more information

Health Benefits

of Exercise for children and teenagers

Aerobic Fitness

Raised heart rate to 170bpm 40-60min, 3-4x per week results in 5-10% improvement in aerobic fitness in 8-12 weeks.

Muscle Strength

2-3x of resistance training per week improves muscle strength and endurance

Academic Performance

Every 15min of exercise improves academic performance by about 1/4 of a grade.

Boosts Confidence

30min of cardio exercise per day boosts confidence, reduces stress and anxiety.

Increase Bone Density

Exercise between the ages of 11-18 increases bone density, especially in the spine and hip.

Problem Solving

30 minutes on the treadmill boosts problem solving by up to 10%