Support Your Local Box Fundraiser | A Tremendous Success!

Support Your Local Box Fundraiser

The Support Your Local Box CrossFit (SYLB) Fundraiser—held from April 3rd to April 24th, 2020—has ended. This event was for the benefit of CrossFit affiliates affected by COVID-19. The SYLB Fundraiser provided a tremendous opportunity for CrossFit members to come together to support the affiliates, demonstrating that temporary closures and social distancing will not keep this community apart.

CrossFit released three classic and accessible workouts which could be performed by participants of any ability level. The twenty-one Capital CrossFit athletes who participated had their names displayed on the community leaderboard, along with the seven generous sponsors who donated prizes. The prizes were given out to members for their creativity with the videos they submitted as proof of WOD completion, including water jugs for weights and the Washington Monument as a scenic backdrop.

The world-wide fundraiser was a huge success and raised over 2.5 million dollars that will go directly to participating affiliates. In addition to the money raised for Capital CrossFit, hundreds of dollars was also raised for the American Red Cross.

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