Exclusive Tee Shirt Preorder | Fundraiser

We have begun preordering exclusive Capital MMA Competition Team tee shirts!

I don’t compete. Why would I want a Competition Team tee shirt?

Wearing this shirt is a symbol of your support for the competitive side of the Capital community. They are perfect for demonstrating team pride at events and are guaranteed conversation starters when wearing around town.

What is the fundraising for?

All of the profit generated by tee shirt sales, plus any additional donations and sponsorships, will be used to bring Nora Cornolle (see below) to Capital MMA.

How do I purchase a tee shirt?

Go to our Go Fund Me page and donate $25 or more to get an exclusive Capital MMA Competition Team tee shirt. Remember to include your training location and tee shirt size after donating. Our deadline is July 31, 2019. Please spread the word!

Can I be a sponsor?

Yes! We’ll put your logo on the back of the tee shirt. Email Jeremy today!

Our goal is $3,500.
Who is Nora Cornolle?

44 fights | including 19 professional Muay Thai fights with 16 wins and 1 draw
Official Fighter | Team France
Top French fighter | multiple weight classes
Bronze Medal | 2017 IFMA European Championship
Gold Medal | 2018 IFMA International Cup
Winner | ENFUSION reality television show

What will Nora Cornolle do for Capital MMA?

She’ll be teaching, supporting fighters, training, representing our schools, and if you remember her from the time she spent here late last year, her positive and approachable demeanor is a perfect fit for our tribe!

What’s the fundraising goal?

Between visa costs, certified translation costs, and other fees, we are hoping to generate $3,500. If our fundraising efforts generate more, we will use the additional money to purchase corner supplies and other necessities for the fighting members of the Capital MMA family.

Please visit our Go Fund Me page today, and don’t forget to include your training location and tee shirt size. The deadline for orders and donations is July 31, 2019.

“Don’t sponsor me only for what I do.
Sponsor me for who I am.
Let’s connect our values. Let’s share our successes.”

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